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Welcome to Maybank Hormones and Weight Loss

Our mission is to support, motivate and guide people who want to regain and optimize their health and vitality. We specialize in the prevention of age-related diseases using the latest evidence-based medicinal treatment strategies and advanced clinical testing.  We show our patients how to utilize healthy lifestyle choices and care for their bodies and minds using bio-identical hormones, diet, exercise, as well as sleep and stress management to regain and maintain their vitality and optimal health.  The end result, a great improvement to their quality of life, well-being and health span.

Bioidentical Hormones

Our bioidentical hormone program looks at your exact hormone levels to come up with a personalized health and wellness place to correct imbalances which can cause decreased energy, hot flashes, night sweats, loss of libido, weight gain, decline in focus and memory, mood swings and difficulty sleeping.

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Weight Loss

Maybank Weight Loss program is a physician supervised weight management system that utilizes real, low-glycemic foods to jump start your metabolism, control hunger, increase energy, and promote weight loss and the burning of body fat. Through our program, you will learn a whole new way of eating.

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What We Offer

Our goal is to provide all of our patients with the resources and tools necessary to not only attain, but also maintain balanced hormones and a healthy weight. We do this through a synergistic program which includes a healthy low-glycemic diet, exercise and hormone restoration.

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